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I always book online and I get the lowest rates. Why do I need a travel agent? Click here to see the benefits of using a travel agent.

Where can I find your prices?
Due to the wide range of products and services we offer, we encourage you to contact us for a quote. Once we understand your requirements, we are better able to quote you for the services most apt to your requirements.


Do you offer discounts for groups?
Yes! However, the group discount or benefit will depend on the number of persons traveling, or in the case of hotel bookings, the number of rooms booked.  Group incentive polices vary as per the hotel, airline, destination, season of travel, sightseeing tour provider etc.

Can I/we join one of your groups?
We would love to have you on board! Please see our Escorted Group Tours.

I am a Solo Traveller. What are my options?
On some of our escorted group tours, we offer a sharing option whereby you have the choice to share your room with another same gender traveler to save on lodging costs.  Even if you want your own private room, traveling with a group could be great to make new friends and share experiences.

How soon should I book to get a ‘good deal’?
The earlier the better. Join our mailing list and watch out for promotions. We generally recommend 2-4 months advance for flight or holiday bookings during super peak periods such as Eid Al Fitr/Adha, Summer/Winter school holidays. If you plan to attend a major event like the F1 races or a Carnival, booking even earlier would be advisable.

Why do you want my nationality information?
Hotels may apply different rates depending on the passport you are holding. Also, we can keep you informed on offers to your home country.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes! However, you must visit our office in person to swipe your card. We currently do not offer the facility to charge your card over the phone or email.

What’s the most convenient way to pay (for UAE residents)?
We hold corporate accounts in 5 major banks. You have the option to deposit cash into any of the 500+ branches of these banks during banking hours, or into a cash deposit machine after banking hours.

Can you arrange my visas? Can you guarantee my visas?
Please see sections on Visa Services if you are traveling abroad and UAE Visas if you are visiting the UAE.

Why is there a huge difference in fare between the price we quoted and what you found online?
The prices you see on an airline’s website will be the same as the prices you get when you book with us. We charge a small service fee depending on the value of the ticket. The only reason you may see big differences is if you check prices at two different points in time as airfares continuously fluctuate based on availability. Furthermore, we are able to offer better fares for multi destination itineraries and superior counseling to ensure you get the best value for money.

What happens if I encounter difficulties during my holiday?
You are given a local 24/7 emergency number you may call at your holiday destination. Should our local partners be unable to assist, you have access to our 24/7 emergency number as a backup.

What are your office timings?
Saturday to Thursday, from 9 AM to 7 PM, UAE local time (GMT+4 Hours)

I can’t decide on my destination, can you help?
Sure! We can guide you in making the right choice through our own travel experiences, the feedback we receive from clients like yourself, and the training we receive from Tourism Boards and our overseas tourism partners. Subject to stock availability, we would also be happy to courier you brochures on the destinations you are interested in (within UAE only).

I have more questions. Who do I speak to?
Depends on what your query is about. Give us a call on let us put you in touch with the right person or
click here (link to feedback section)