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Hotel prices have become as volatile as airfares. Let us help you find the ideal property for your budget leveraging our strong relationships with Global Hotel Partners and Alliances.

Our advice when booking hotels:

Book Early: especially during peak holiday seasons

Be careful when booking chain hotels, as there are often multiple hotels in major cities belonging to the same chain (For example: there are 6 Novotel hotels in Paris, are you booking the one you think you are?)

Read online reviews carefully: consider that a hotels evaluation by a traveler is largely influenced by his/her prior traveling experiences and the expectations under which the reviewed hotel was originally booked. 

Check hotel locations: notice how every hotel claims to have a 'central' location? Evaluate the premium being charged for the central location, if indeed it is central.

Rate Inclusions: Check if the rates quoted to you are inclusive of all taxes, or are taxes to paid upon check-IN, is breakfast included or not, is the price paid refundable (flexible) or non-refundable (restricted) in case of amendment/cancellation.

Room Type Confusions: Hotels define their room types differently that may lead to some confusion. A 'superior' room maybe cheaper than a 'deluxe' room in one hotel, whilst the opposite may be true in the case of another.

Long Stay Promotions: Many resorts offer pay/stay promotions whereby extra nights are given free for guests staying a minimum number of nights. The same may also be offered by hotels, especially during off seasons.

Check IN / Check OUT Times: Pay attention to each hotel's check IN and Check OUT times to avoid inconvenience. We have heard of many incidents where clients doing their own online bookings have mismatched their arrival time at the hotel with the hotel's standard check-IN time, leading to avoidable discomfort.

Decide fast: Don't wait too long to book your hotel as prices can keep fluctuating, usually upwards as hotels increase rates as their rooms get booked up. You should target booking at a 'fair' price, rather than chasing the 'lowest' price.

Show loyalty: Frequently visiting a city ? Show loyalty to a particular hotel and you will feel your loyalty being rewarded with exceptional service.

Book with us and avoid unpleasant surprises: We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge of popular hotels and locations based on our own hotel inspections as well as the feedback received from our valued clients