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For UAE Residents:

For Overseas Visitors (non-UAE RESIDENTS):

Royal Oman Police:

Please contact the Oman Embassy/Consulate at your country of residence to check the applicable rules of entry. In addition, you may also contact the airline you are flying to Oman to check your visa on arrival eligibility. Foreigners visiting UAE on a pre arranged and sponsored Tourist Visa (i.e. not entitled to UAE's VOA), cannot enter Oman and re-enter UAE as their single entry UAE Visa will expire upon entry into Oman.

For a list of professions (for UAE Residents) or Nationalities (Foreigners) entitled to receive their Visa on Arrival, Please visit Royal Oman Police (the governmental agency responsible for issuing visas) Website :http://www.rop.gov.om

Disclaimer: The information on this page is accurate at the time of publishing. The information is meant to be indicative and does not serve any guarantee for a visa on arrival as the immigration rules and regulations are subject to change, and outside of our control.

It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure he/she secures the necessary visas in advance, if required, to enter the Sultanate of Oman by checking directly with the nearest Embassy/Consulate of the Sultanate of Oman in or closest to the country of residence.

Visa on Arrival is issued on selective basis depending on the profession printed on UAE Resident Visas (and NOT your actual position in the organization you work for). Only senior level professions (manager/director/partner/investor/Engineer/Doctor/Owner/Lawyer etc.) are entitled to receive a visa on arrival. All other professions MUST apply for visa in advance.

If the sponsor (Spouse/Parents) is entitled to a visa on arrival, then his/her dependents (spouse/children) on his/her sponsorship automatically avail visa on arrival if entering and exiting Oman together. Students on University/School sponsorship must pre-apply for their visa at the Oman Consulate and will NOT receive a visa on arrival, even if traveling with their parents/guardians. Wife on company's sponsorship, instead of Husband's sponsorship, will only get visa on arrival if holding senior professions on UAE Residence Visa.

If in doubt, Please contact the Oman Consulate in Dubai directly on 04-3971000 / 04-3972299.  In addition, you may also contact the airline you are flying to Oman to check your visa on arrival eligibility.