Travel Itinerary

Day 1   Dubai – Sochi (Monday)
01:15                Departure from Dubai International Terminal 2 FZ 985 DUBAI SOCHI 01:15 – 04:10 04:10        Arrival at Sochi Airport Clearing immigration and customs, collecting the baggage 05:00   Transfer to the hotel (duration: 30-35 minutes)
Meeting with the company representative at the arrival’s hall
05:30                Arrival at the hotel Assistance with check-in process/early check-in
08:00                Breakfast (HALAL) Spare time to freshen up. Walk around the resort, Free Day. 10:00   Free Day
(The places for dinner will be recommended)

DAY 2 Explore Sochi (Saturday)
09:00                Breakfast at the hotel
10:00                City Tour
Today we will go to mountain Akhun. The tower Akhun offers panoramic views of the Western Caucasus as far south as Gagra and Pitsunda. An 11-km-long serpentine road leads to the tower from the Sputnik Hotel. Lesser Akhun rises to an elevation of 501 m (1,644 ft). The entire massif contains about 20 caves. The forests support 200 species of higher plants. The scenic Eagles' Rocks stretch along the right bank of the Agura River toward the Agura Falls. After we go through monuments of Sochi architecture: Concert hall, Art Museum, Winter theatre, Sochi Circus and others. You'll go along the waterfront to the Arboretum Park, admiring the beauty of the sea and architecture. We visit the Sochi Arboretum is a unique museum where flora of Caucasus and different countries is represented. The park covers more than 49 hectares and consists of 1,600 species and forms of plants from all over the world. Visit to the Sochi sea port, where time permitting, you may have some time for buying souvenirs. At the Sea Port we walk through the yacht’s basin and enjoy fresh sea breeze.

15:00-18:00          Time to indulge! Feel the fresh mountain air and catch the sea breeze. This is the perfect time to get acquainted with the Caucasian national cuisine, walks along the black Sea or the Mzymta river. 18:00-22:00 Evening in the hotel.
Time to enjoy the hotel facilities.

DAY 3: Explore Sochi (Sunday)
09:00-10:00 Breakfast at the hotel 10:00                        Free Day
(The places for dinner will be recommended)

DAY 4:  Explore Sochi (Thursday)
09:00                Breakfast at the hotel
10:00                 Free Day
(The places for dinner will be recommended)

DAY 5:  SOCHI – DUBAI (Friday)
24:00               Check-out formalities

02:00               Transfer to Sochi International Airport Departure                        FZ 986 SOCHI DUBAI 05:10 10:00


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