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Switzerland’s Scenic Trains
•    Glacier Express
•    GoldenPass
•    Bernina Express
•    Chocolate Train
•    Wilhelm Tell Express

Europe (Eurail) Passes:
•    Global Pass
•    Select Pass
•    Regional Passes
•    One (1) Country Passes
•    Swiss Travel System Passes

•    Amtrak Acela Express
•    Long Distance Day Trains Amtrak
•    Long Distance Night Trains Amtrak
•    USA National Rail Pass

•    Ausrail Pass
•    Rail Explorer Pass

•    VIA Rail
•    Rocky Mountaineer

South Korea

  • Korea Rail Pass

Japan (including bullet trains)
•    Japan Rail Hokkaido Pass
•    Japan Rail Kyushu Pass
•    Japan Rail Pass
•    Japan Rail Sanyo Pass
•    Japan Rail West Kansai

India’s Luxury Trains
•    Palace on Wheels
•    Royal Rajasthan on Wheels
•    Pride of the South
•    Southern Splendour
•    Deccan Odyseey
•    The Maharajas Express

South African Luxury Trains
•    The Rovos Rail
•    The Blue Train

Whether you want to plan a multiple destination itinerary using a rail pass, wish to pamper yourself on one of the world’s most luxurious trains, or just want to include a single train journey as part of your holiday; we are happy to assist.

"Where the journey is the destination"