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Oman, a well kept tourism secret, is emerging on the international and regional tourism map, as travelers discover the expansive coastline with its diverse and fascinating marine life, its landscape of mountains and deserts, wadis and waterfalls, its wildlife, its culture and its friendly and hospitable people.

The Turtle beach is world renown for the nesting endangered green turtle (Chelonia mydas), probably the most important nesting concentration on the Indian Ocean. This is the only place where the public can watch the nesting process of these amazing sea giants.

The Turtle Reserve was established by Royal Decree in 1996. Turtles come ashore to lay eggs & the mother Turtle goes back to Sea. The egss hatch later and the baby Turtles return to Sea. After 37 Years they return as Adult Turtles to lay eggs after having roamed the oceans of the world. This project was established in 2008 to help conserve the fascinating and amazing nesting processes of these giants of the marine turtle world.

Guided Tours are conducted every night to view the turtles and witness the nesting process with a commitment to the preservation of the turtle. The Tour Guides are are knowledgeable to answer most of your questions whilst on the night tour across the Turtle beach.

This is a unique site with an average of 30,000 turtles show up during the year, but nothing is guaranteed as it is in the hands of nature. All rates and rooms are subject to availability. All rooms/ turtle viewing bookings are subject to prior reservations.