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Depending on your nationality, you may not require a UAE visa prior to your arrival.

For more information on visa exempt nationalities,visit the UAE Government Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website.

Please note this list can vary slightly from time to time, and hence we recommend contacting the UAE embassy/consulate at your country of residence, and the airline you intend to fly to double check.

For Nationalities requiring a visa, we are happy to arrange (sponsor) the same, subject to certain documentation and requirements to ensure only genuine applications are processed.

Tourist Visa Eligibility & Requirements

vary as per nationality, gender and age. Normal & Urgent Visa Services are available for:

  • Family Members & Relatives of UAE Residents
  • Friends of UAE Residents
  • Tourists
  • Conference Delegates
  • Business Visitors
  • Exhibition Visitors

All visitors on tourist visas are expected to comply with UAE government rules and regulations during their stay in the UAE. The final decision to grant or reject a visa application, for nationalities who require visas, rests with the UAE Immigration Authorities. Please contact us more information in order for us to advise you on the documentation required.