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Review of your supporting documentation to ensure accurateness and completeness, completion of visa application forms, provision of the required travel documents and insurance, drafting of any special situation explanatory documents, payment of visa application center appointment fees, scheduling/re-scheduling of visa appointments, answering any questions you may have concerning your specific application circumstances prior or after submission etc.

Please inquire with us for document requirements.

Including a cover letter is optional – but maybe highly recommended based on your specific circumstances. Our visa consultants will assist you with the same as part of our service.

Step 1: Provide your travel details to our Schengen Visa Expert and get all your queries answered.
Step 2: Pay your fees.
Step 3: Your Schengen visa documents will be thoroughly verified and scrutinized by our Experts, who will notify you of any pending documents or additional requirements.
Step 4: Our Visa Expert will complete your Schengen Visa application and schedule an appointment as part of the Schengen Visa process.
Step 5: On the appointment day you will need to submit Biometrics information that includes fingerprinting and photograph, and submit your visa file.
Step 6: Receive your Schengen Visa and book your travel arrangements with us.

You need to apply to the country which is your main destination i.e. where you spend the maximum number of nights during your visit to Europe.

You need to apply to the country of first entry.

Please contact our Visa Consultants for us to have a better understanding on your specific circumstances.

You will only know the outcome of your visa application after receiving your Original Passport from the Visa Application Center.

The earliest you can apply for a Schengen visa is 6 months prior to your intended date of arrival into the Schengen territory.

No, your passport cannot be held by you during the application process. If you withdraw your passport after submission, you would need to make a fresh application.

There is no official minimum amount. Our visa consultant will advise you based on your specific financial circumstances, travel plans and our extensive past experience.

Yes, each passport holder must receive their own visas stamped in their passports.


If approved, the validity of your Schengen Visa will be at minimum for the length of stay supported by your accompanied travel documents. Any longer validity is purely at the discretion of the respective Embassy/Consulate.

If approved, the allowed number of days will be at minimum for the length of stay supported by your accompanied travel documents. The maximum allowed stay would be mentioned on your visa and should not be confused with your visa’s validity.

No, you can enter the Schengen territory anytime within the validity of your visa, as long as your total stay does not exceed the maximum number of days your visa allows and you exit prior to the visa expiring.

Assuming your visa does not restrict entry into any specific country, you can visit any of 26 member states. Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

No, you can enter the Schengen territory from any country as long as you spend the most number of days in the country from where you have applied for your visa i.e. your main destination. However, if you are staying an equal number of days in multiple countries (with no clear main destination), you must then enter through the country that has issued your visa.

No, you can exit from any of the member states, irrespective from where you have entered.

As long as you do not exit the Schengen territory during your trip, you only require a single entry visa. For example, if you enter into France, travel to Switzerland and exit from Italy, you require a single-entry visa. However, if you board a cruise from Greece that visits Turkey, you would require a multiple-entry visa.

Yes, you can request this at the time of your application with a cover letter. However, the final decision to grant such requests rests with the respective embassy/consulate based on multiple factors. Please note the fees paid are the same irrespective of the duration of visa granted.


Yes, our expert visa consultants will guide you on the merits of a re-application after a careful analysis of your prior application and prevailing circumstances.

Please contact our Visa Consultants for us to have a better understanding on your specific circumstances.

A rejection letter is provided by the respective embassy/consulate outlining the main reasons for rejections.

Yes, our visa consultants can guide you in such cases based on your individual circumstances. Please note visa rejections are treated as fresh applications with a cover letter addressing the main reasons of rejections.


You will receive your completed application and supporting documents 2 working days (excluding Sat, Sun and public holidays) prior to your visa appointment.

It usually takes 15 working days from the date of your visa application submission appointment. However, delays can be expected during peak travel seasons or for certain nationalities. Hence, we strongly recommend applying early.

No. All applications run through the same standard minimum processing time.


Your planned itinerary would determine the country through which you need to apply for a Schengen Visa. Each country has its own individual appointment availability status in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Please contact our visa consultants to ensure you apply through the correct country and visa application center.


Our visa consultants will provide you with the required documents to be carried on your appointment date.

Yes, we can schedule your appointment with a scanned copy of your passport and payment. You need to ensure all pending supporting documents are with you for submission on the date of your visa application appointment.

Yes, please check with our visa consultants. Please note opting for such services won’t expedite the embassy’s visa processing time or influence the decision of the Consulate/Embassy reviewing your visa application.

No, all visa applications must be submitted through the visa application center only with a prior appointment.


Pricing can depend on the number of applicants. Please contact us for a quote.

No, visa fees are not conditional to the duration, validity or number of entries the visa you are granted allows.

No, all fees paid are non-refundable.

No, Schengen countries do not offer an urgent visa processing option.

Visa fees are payable at the application center. Additionally, you may opt for optional services such as passport courier, printing or photocopy services, SMS notifications etc. and pay for these directly at the application center.